Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vital Elements

The secret’s out!

Teresa DeLeen designs will now be showing at Vital Elements on San Juan Island in the gorgeous town of Friday Harbor! It was such a happy accident that I stepped into Vital Elements while I was walking along the streets of downtown Friday Harbor a couple weeks ago. Her window was filled with all things girly, gifty and beautiful. C’mon, I HAD to enter.

The owners name is Rhonda Scott. She is so friendly that I easily could have spent an hour there without noticing the time going by. She has created a wonderful shop that caters to the customer who is looking for a special one-of-a-kind gift with her collection of local and regional artist’s works. Rhonda also sells jewelry supplies and offers classes in making jewelry. Like I said, I could have hung out all day and I bet there are oodles that do.

I’ve made a few new friends on the island and I look forward to visiting them and Rhonda as often as I can. Now all I need is to find a great accountant that can help me find all the write offs so I can go to this gorgeous Island and call it a tax deduction!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love ferry boats!

“If you could live anywhere, where would it be?”

I always answer this question with, “Right here!” I love living in the Puget Sound. I am often on the road and at any given time on my journeys I might be ushered along the way by the Olympic mountains, Cascade range, countless bays, Islands and of course the impressive and beautiful Mount Rainier. (My daughter use to call it Mount Rosie Rainier when she was little and I always think it when I see it, which is often. Makes me smile).

I spent last weekend on one of our beautiful Islands, San Juan. It’s the Northernmost Island in Washington; heck, in America! I caught the 2:00 ferry on Friday and the sun was glistening off the water, the wind was whistling past my window and the seagulls were playing their game of ‘catch me if you can.’ I guess I should preface this next statement by telling you that I hate boats, or rather I hate open bodies of water. Ok…ok, really I’m scared spitless of it. I was 8 when Jaws came out and…well…'nuff said. So my statement is this: Friday’s ferryboat ride through the San Juan Islands was the most relaxing, lovely, and pleasurable ferryboat ride I have ever had! I totally would have loved it if we got stalled. Yes, I’m a little odd.

The island was warm and sunny for all of Friday and Saturday. I walked along the crowded streets in town and peeked in several shops windows. My ‘want’ list is about three pages long now. When I woke on Sunday morning I saw that the rain had paid me a visit. As I looked out the window of my friend’s hillside home, I saw a crane gliding over the valley. There was a thick mist that seemed to cover the marina and downtown area like a blanket. This made me hurry my French press along so I could quickly enjoy my first sip of bitterness with the picturesque view. Ahhhhhh….

I often forget how incredibly wonderful the Islands are. Although it took me about three hours of driving and an hour’s ferry ride to get there, I must visit more often. (I will be visiting much more often now, stay tuned: I have a secret brewing).